Monday, February 18, 2013

Reflectivity of Stone

Reflectivity of Stone

Stone contains natural crystals. These crystals reflect light to provide a shine on the surface. When the crystal care dull, crushed, or broken, they cannot reflect light evenly. For Example, when the lens of a flashlight breaks, it cannot reflect the light that is being emitted form the bulb.

Polished stone floors become dull when heavy foot traffic along with sediment erodes the crystals. Normal footwear does not cause the main damage, sediment and grit do. The sediment and grit that lies on the stone surface is the main enemy of stones crystal. The damage to the crystals occurs when the pressure from the shoe forces the sediment to abrade or fracture the crystals.

The only safe way to restore and sharpen the crystal is to polish them with diamond abrasives or polishing powders. The life span of crystal can be extended can by administering a through dust mopping program with proper moping and maintenance system. Extensive entrance matting is extremely important because it keeps exterior sediment from entering a building.

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