Monday, February 18, 2013

Basic Knowledge of Stones


Many people who associate with stone assume that it is a permanent material that does not need maintenance or care. After new stone is installed, permanent damage often occurs from neglect, incorrect cleaning methods, and using chemicals that are not formulated for stone care.
When stone is purchased, it proceeds thought a four stage process. The process begins when the architect selects and designs the stone. The second stage is completed when the stone supplier fabricates and delivers the material. The third stage is accomplished when the stone is properly installed, protected, and then grouted. The final stage entails selecting a proper stone maintenance system.
Understanding stone and the products that are available for stone care are vital elements for a successful stone maintenance system.

The objective is to establish a customized and long-term stone maintenance system that covers the stone maintenance cycle. The cycle includes preventive maintenance, daily maintenance, and restoration.

Stone needs conditioning, cleaning, protection, and restoration. Understanding stone and stone care products are the most important features in development a successful maintenance program.

How much training and education do employees receive on stone care maintenance? The answer is usually none.

Today most stone floors as if they are resilient tile. Most stone vanity and counter tops are cleaned with harsh chemicals as if they were made of Formica.

A through inspection of the facility will be provided to establish special stone care techniques for problem areas. Example, how to maintain stone in an elevator?

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